20.12.16 | Waxing for the first time & Getting hit on

[I’ve just decided that I might occasionally write about a day in my life if it turns out to be somewhat interesting]

Today, my cousin came to town! I haven’t seen her in ages but that’s normal. Every time we did get together, it felt as if we were never apart. Nothing was weird and it never got awkward; we started laughing the second we saw each other.

We spent the day doing really normal everyday things. We didn’t have to do anything crazy or over the top to have fun, and we both knew that. We did what I would do with any of my friends on a casual day: meet up for lunch, have coffee, take snapchats, wax our legs, have more coffee and watch a movie. Okay I lied. What I meant to say was – we did most of what I would do with any of my friends on a casual day. Waxing any part of my body is definitely not something I would do with my friends on a casual day. I had never even done it before. That is, until a few hours ago…

I don’t know why I had it down that waxing was going to be the most painful thing I would ever feel in my entire life. It really wasn’t that bad. I mean, it hurt for a second when the strip was actually being removed from my skin, but then…nothing. It was bearable. And I am so happy I went through with it because my legs are SO FREAKING SMOOTH, I AM LIVING! My cousin actually went and got a Brazilian done as well. I didn’t. Baby steps, baby steps.

After my life-changing experience, we decided to go and have some lunch. We ended up sharing a delicious creamy mushroom soup and a roast chicken dish (yum!). I had a coffee to go with my food and my cousin had a cocktail (I forgot that she really loves to drink – like really really).

During lunch, I looked up what movies were playing and saw that Collateral Beauty was finally out! I remember watching the trailer and thinking I have to see this movie, mostly because some of my favourite actors were in it – Will Smith, Keira Knightley and Kate Winslet – and partly because I thought the storyline wasn’t like anything I’ve see before. It was amazing! Oh, and Jacob Latimore was real cute in it too. I didn’t cry at all. Not one single tear, nope. Okay, I lied again. I was a wreck.

My cousin and I felt tired (and emotionally drained) after the movie and decided to call it a day. We had to walk past this little cafe in order to get to an escalator that led to the lobby, which is what we were doing when the most random thing happened. This guy tried to hit on us! He was sitting at a table in the cafe we were walking past, talking on his phone, everything was normal. I made the mistake of looking directly at him because the next thing I know, he was staring right at me with a creepy look and a sort of perverted smile and asked me how I was. It might not sound like much, but trust me, it was weird. He was an older man as well so it didn’t exactly feel innocent.

Maybe I was just being a dramatic brat, I don’t know. Anyway, I looked away and just kept walking; not to be rude but because that’s something I do when things get super awkward (that’s something I discovered about myself during an awkward occurrence with a guy friend of mine – but that’s another story). At the end of the day, no matter how strange it was, the entire scenario made for a good memory. My cousin and I couldn’t stop asking each other “how are you?” in the man’s (I think it was a) Russian accent.

And that was basically our day. Casual but productive. She’s leaving town tomorrow and I probably won’t see her for at least another couple of months, which is sad. But separation will just make our time together all the more exciting!

Have you seen Collateral Beauty yet? What did you think?


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