New Year, New Me?

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas, spending time with your family and friends, getting and giving presents and eating all of the glorious food this time of year has to offer! It’s so crazy to think that 2016 is coming to an end. Is it just me, or did this year go by way quicker than others? Wasn’t it January just like yesterday? With the new year coming up, I wanted to set myself some goals that will (hopefully) make me a better person all around, and I thought I’d share just a few of them with you.

Next year, I am going to…

…wake up no later than 9 a.m. on weekends: Here’s something you should know about me: I am not a morning person. Waking up in general is a massive struggle for me (how did I survive school?) and unless I have something going on that requires me to wake up at a certain time, I will most likely stay in bed until 2 in the afternoon. Not next year, I won’t – I’m going to start adulting and wake up early for absolutely no reason at all! This way, my days will become a lot more productive, which is a massive plus.

…create and stick to a workout plan: Now, this is something I’ve tried doing before. Long story short: none of them stuck for any longer than a month. I’d just think about how long I’d run on the treadmill for, or what kind of exercises I wanted to do the next day, the night before. It was a mess of a plan; it wasn’t even a plan at all! And I want to get fit, dammit! So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to create a weekly workout schedule: I’ll probably run on the treadmill three times a week, and do specific body part workouts (arms, legs and abs) on the days between treadmill days. I’ll make a more thorough plan, of course, and I’m aiming to stick to it for at least two months to begin with. I might even throw in a diet plan in there, who knows?

…be organised: When I was in high school, I didn’t really care for being organised. I would start every year with dedicated folders for every subject and a clean desk (I’ve forgotten what that looks like). At some point during the year, my folders would become redundant, my desk invisible, assignments lost, planners unused – basically, I became very unorganised very fast. It’s good that I’m acknowledging this issue now because I can start planning ways to prevent it from happening when I get to uni. What I’ve done so far to help in the organisation department is pick out a notebook (I have quite a few pretty but unused notebooks just sitting on my invisible desk) which I might start using as a bullet journal*.

* I’ve recently discovered the phenomenon that is bullet journaling and have been watching loads of “bullet journal flip-through” videos on YouTube. All I have to say is: I’ve become obsessed! It’s a really fun and cute way to stay organised, which is exactly I need.

…start saying YES to people: I’m not an anti-social person per say, but I haven’t been socialising as much as I had liked to in the last few years. I’d sometimes blow my friends off just so I could stay at home (my comfort zone) in my PJs and binge watch my favourite shows (one of which is Gilmore Girls!). I must admit, it’s become harder for me to talk to people now and I don’t want that to be a thing about me, especially as I’m heading to uni where I have to socialise and make new friends. So from now on, I’m saying yes. Not to anything stupid like drugs – obviously – but to be with people a lot more.

Those are my main goals that I want need to work on in the next year. I’m 20 now so I can’t really use the “I’m just a child” excuse anymore; I just need to deal with it! I will update you guys on how I get on with these goals at some point in the new year. Wow, 2017. Crazy.

Have you come up with any new years resolutions?
Should I write a post on starting my very first bullet journal?


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